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As a specialist company for difficult-to-machine materials, we have made a national as well as international name for ourselves.
Since the company was founded in 1985, we have been an innovative and reliable partner to our demanding customers
from the most different industries in the area of serial production.


Our Company


We unite different manufacturing technologies under one roof to make the perfect match to your requirements!


STAINLESS STEEL. This term describes an entire group of materials. Looked at in general terms, stainless steel is resistant to heat and acid, hygienic, long-lasting and resistant to corrosion. Our specialisation area is stainless steel machining.


The observance of the narrowest tolerance ranges as well as process monitoring, also by means of SPC recordings, result in a single-digit PPM defect rate with our customers, meaning less than 0.1 % of our products are NOK.


The production process all the way to a quality product comprises many different steps. We offer you a comprehensive performance package through several manufacturing methods.


FAST - ADAPTABLE - FLEXIBLE These three characteristics constitute a decisive competitive advantage for our rapidly changing markets.

Our Team

Torsten Walter

Torsten Walter

Our strength

Our strength

Our Team!
Christoph Schulte

Christoph Schulte

Technical Director


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